Breast Implant Exchange

If you are unhappy with the shape or size of your previously-enhanced breasts, or if you experienced problems during your breast implant procedure, than a breast implant revision at DiFrancesco Plastic Surgery may be right for you. This surgery corrects problems occurring months or years after a breast augmentation procedure, and is recommended if:

  • The initial procedure did not meet your goals and expectations
  • Your body has changed or the appearance of your results have changed
  • You experienced complications during the procedure, including implant rippling, scar tissue surrounding the implant, implant or nipple out of place, scarring, healing, breasts sagging, change in size, change in implant

This is performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. Many of our patients return to normal activity in one to two weeks and resume full activity in four to six weeks.

Breast Implant Exchange FAQ

When should I consider breast revision surgery?The number one reason for breast revision is to increase the size of your implants. Other reasons include implant rupture or leak, capsular contracture or scar tissue around the implant and implants which have shifted in position. Loose skin or stretched skin after pregnancy or massive weight loss may distort your breast shape and require breast revision surgery.
How long will my results last?Breast implant surgery usually has long lasting results. However, significant weight gain or loss, pregnancy and gravity may affect the length of your results.

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