Brow Lift

If you are unhappy with expression or “worry” lines in your forehead or brow region, then you should consider a brow lift procedure at DiFrancesco Plastic Surgery. A brow lift:

  • Improves frown lines and eyebrow descent that causes excess skin on the upper-eyelids
  • Corrects a low, asymmetric or misshapen brow
  • Repositions the skin and muscle of the forehead and brow to smooth the appearance

Dr. DiFrancesco often utilizes endoscopic or minimally-invasive techniques during a brow lift procedure; alternately, a small incision may be made in the temporal area to lift and reposition the lateral brow. A brow lift is often combined with other techniques.

Browlift FAQ

Why do I need a browlift?A browlift help restore a youthful appearance to your forehead, eyebrows and upper eyelid. A browlift corrects sagging or a low eyebrow, the 11 lines between your eyebrows, the horizontal lines on your forehead and the excess fat and skin hanging over your upper eyelid.
Where are the incisions for a browlift?You and your surgeon will select the incision which will best meet your goals and create a natural more youthful look.
Type 1 - Open Browlift:The technique uses a long incision across the forehead along the hairline. This technique will address issue in both the central forehead as well as the lateral forehead.
Type 1 - Endoscopic Browlift:Uses small incisions well hidden in the scalp to address issues in the central and lateral forehead. The advantage of this technique is that it uses an endoscope or small video camera which allows for much smaller incisions then the traditional open browlift.
Type 3 - Limited Incision Browlift:This technique corrects sagging skin and fat of the lateral brow through a small incision well hidden in the temporal hair. It is often performed in conjunction with an upper eyelid lift to contour the brow and upper eyelid.

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