Smartxide DOT CO2 Laser

Help restore signs of aging due to over exposure to the sun or effects of gravity and natural aging with the Smartxide DOT CO2 laser.

  • Reduce Wrinkles
  • Treat Skin Pigemenation
  • Improve Irregularities in the Skin
  • Smooth and Treat Uneven looking Skin
  • Treat Under Eye Circles
  • Reduce Size of Pores
  • Rejuvenate Face, Hands and Neck

CO2 Laser FAQ

How Does It Work?The Smartxide DOT laser will apply a series of small pulses to the treatment area. Collagen is stimulated deep within your skin allowing for new skin and collagen to procude giving you a younger and more refreshed look.
How Many Treatments Will I Need?You and Dr. DiFrancesco will come up with a specific treatment plan as to how many treatments you may need. If you are looking for minimal down time two or three sessions may be the correct course of treatment. One treatment with a little longer of downtown is also an option for most patients.
Does The Procedure Hurt?A topical anesthetic will be used in the office to allow more comfort. After numbing, you will only feel a slight heat and tingling as the laser scans across your face.
How Long Will Results Last?Results from the CO2 laser can last years with proper skin care and protection.

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