Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is a complex network of tissues and organs that helps to rid the body of waste. It also transports white blood cells around the body to effectively fight infections. Lymphatic drainage is a medical therapy that can be used to improve the function of the lymphatic system with a quick and easy appointment.

What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Mechanical lymphatic drainage therapy is intended to improve blood and lymph circulation, reduce swelling and tissue fibrosis (scar tissue), soften localized fatty deposits, increase skin sensation, and aid in the removal of fatty cells. It also effectively breaks down subcutaneous fat and reduces cellular tissue accumulation of fat through rhythmic massage. For certain conditions like fibromyalgia and lymphedema, lymphatic drainage can be a huge benefit.

Candidates for Lymphatic Drainage

Anyone can benefit from lymphatic drainage and massage to help move important fluids around the body. It’s important to discuss any health conditions with Dr. DiFrancesco during your consultation so that we can optimize your treatment plan accordingly.


Kind words from our patients

The staff is great... I would come back to any place that offered professional, inviting, and accommodating service as they do. Dr. DiFrancesco is a wonderful person and a surgeon I can wholeheartedly trust. I very much believe her number one priority is making people’s lives better and that it’s her goal to achieve the results desired.

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Lymphatic Drainage Procedure

Vacuum suction is the best mechanical method of lymphatic drainage, removing waste products and toxins from the skin and achieving deep cleansing. The tissue is compressed into the cup using a gliding or pulsating method of application, which aids the body in moving lymph nodes, improving the skin’s condition. Additionally, each session can include a gentle massage to ensure that the lymphatic system effectively moves important fluids where it’s needed most. In general, each treatment session can take around one hour to ensure that you receive the full benefits of this therapy.

Lymphatic Drainage Results and Maintenance

Many patients benefit from regular appointments at our Atlanta office. We’ll also ensure you have the right steps to follow at home to ensure your lymphatic system remains healthy and effective for the long-term.

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Lymphatic drainage can have a lot of benefits in ensuring your body remains healthy and free of waste. To get started, contact our Atlanta office by calling or filling out our online form.