One common concern that isn’t often talked about is a loss of pelvic support as women grow older. This can happen for many reasons— most commonly, it happens as a result of lost collagen in the skin. Other times, it can be a side effect of childbearing. For most women, this loss of support can come with symptoms like dryness, laxity, incontinence, and even discomfort during intercourse. Fortunately, there’s no need for invasive surgeries. We offer discreet, effective treatment with the latest in non-surgical radiofrequency treatments.

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is a convenient radiofrequency treatment performed in our Atlanta office. It uses a specialized, comfortable wand to generate gentle heat through administering radiofrequency energy for all-around treatment. This gentle heat accomplishes gradual collagen production over time, leading to greater support in the vaginal walls and pelvic area.


Kind words from our patients

I had an excellent experience with Dr. DiFrancesco. She is a highly qualified and skilled plastic surgeon. Her staff is very professional and pleasant to work with. The work I received was exceptional and I couldn’t be more excited!

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Candidates for ThermiVa

Patients who benefit most from ThermiVa treatments are those with symptoms stemming from vaginal laxity and dryness. Often, patients benefit from a series of treatments to get the best out of their results, so we can create an ideal treatment plan for you during a private consultation

ThermiVa Procedure

ThermiVa is a quick, non-surgical procedure performed in the privacy of our Atlanta office. It requires no incisions or anesthesia, so you can remain comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure. Once inserted, the small, specialized wand begins to emit radiofrequency energy and generate gentle heat within the vaginal tissues. ThermiVa can also be used to tighten the skin of the vulva to cause it to tighten and regenerate collagen. Overall, ThermiVa treatments take around 30 minutes to complete, after which you can return home.

ThermiVa Recovery

ThermiVa requires no downtime or recovery. In fact, most patients experience no soreness or discomfort after treatment. Generally, we recommend a series of treatments spaced about one month apart to allow for optimal collagen regeneration between treatments. For some women, ThermiVa results last for up to two years, but you can opt for touch-up treatments as needed.

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ThermiVa is a revolutionary treatment option for vaginal health. To get started on discussing your options, contact our Atlanta office and schedule a private consultation by calling or filling out our online form. Dr. DiFrancesco can discuss your best options for non-surgical treatments.