Discovering the “Filler” of Youth

Discovering the “Filler” of Youth

I pride myself on keeping up with the ever changing technology in my industry and would like to tell you about the next generation in filler called Renuva. It is the first FDA approved, donor fat-derived matrix to improve skin texture, volume and appearance with a growing list of uses including lumpectomy defects, radiated skin, face and hand volume restoration and cellulite dimples.

What is Renuva? It’s natural, made from human tissue. DiFrancesco Plastic Surgery is one of the first to offer this new and powerful tool in the world of fat transfer. The in-office procedure involves tiny injections of allograft fat tissue into one or more affected areas. It’s great for women and men interested in fixing problems like minor skin defects, liposuction defects, breast implant rippling, cellulite dimples, aging skin, or skin lacking in volume.

Renuva injections can be done at the office. It’s a quick procedure that can be performed in 30 minutes. A topical anesthetic is used to numb the injected area(s). Very thin needles are used to insert the allograft tissue under your skin. The number of injections depends on your needs and desired results. Because the cytokines, growth factors and proteins are injected directly into your body, your skin will look fuller and feel firmer immediately. Your skin’s texture and appearance will continue to improve over the next few weeks but it can take up to 3 months for the final appearance.

It makes me so happy to hear from patients who tell me they feel like a new person after a procedure. That they love looking in the mirror again or that they aren’t hiding their hands any longer.

So if you are looking for smoother, more beautiful skin, schedule a consultation today to see if you are a good candidate for Renuva. I might be able to get your procedure done on the very same day. Contact our office by calling (404) 531-2478 or filling out an inquiry form here.

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