Skin Tightening After Massive Weight Loss 

 Many patients have recently lost a massive amount of weight due to semaglutide but are now struggling with sagging, loose skin. That’s where minimally invasive skin-tightening comes in. With this innovative treatment, which can be performed under local or general anesthesia, has minimal downtime to tighten and tone your skin. At DiFrancesco Plastic Surgery, we can walk you through each step of the procedure and help you achieve the firmer, contoured body you deserve after such a significant achievement. 

What is Skin Tightening? 

Minimally invasive skin tightening procedures use specialized radiofrequency devices to stimulate collagen production in the deep layers of the skin. As the collagen builds up over time, the skin tightens and provides a more toned, contoured appearance which you will start to see in a few weeks. If you’re struggling with sagging skin after losing a significant amount of weight due to semaglutide use, minimally invasive skin tightening may be the perfect solution for you. 

There are many different treatment options for skin tightening after massive weight loss, but at DiFrancesco Plastic Surgery, one option is a wand approximately the same size as a liposuction canula that emits radiofrequency energy to tighten skin. 

Skin tightening can be done on a number of different areas of the body, including the face and neck. Some of the other treatment areas include: 

  • Chest 
  • Arms 
  • Buttocks 
  • Thighs 
  • Knees 
  • Abdomen 
  • Waist 
  • Neck 

Candidates for Skin Tightening 

Before your procedure, you’ll have a consultation with Dr. DiFrancesco to determine if you’re a good candidate for this innovative treatment. She’ll go over your medical history and ask about your expectations and the results you’re looking for. 

Some of the criteria she looks for in ideal candidates for skin tightening include the following: 

  • Being in good overall health 
  • Have realistic expectations 
  • Not on any blood thinners or able to stop taking them at least two weeks before the procedure 
  • Not pregnant or breastfeeding 
  • Struggling with minimal excess skin after weight loss from semaglutide 


Kind words from our patients

The staff is great... I would come back to any place that offered professional, inviting, and accommodating service as they do. Dr. DiFrancesco is a wonderful person and a surgeon I can wholeheartedly trust. I very much believe her number one priority is making people’s lives better and that it’s her goal to achieve the results desired.

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Skin Tightening Procedure 

To start your skin-tightening procedure, we’ll administer local anesthesia to ensure you’re completely comfortable, you may have oral or IV sedation. From there, we’ll make small incisions in the skin to insert the probes or wand from the skin-tightening device. How long treatment takes depends on the number of areas you have done and the size of the area. This procedure can be done alone or in conjunction with liposuction. Typically, skin-tightening treatment after weight loss takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the number and size of the areas. 

Skin Tightening Recovery 

Patients may experience mild swelling, bruising, and redness after their skin-tightening procedure. These side effects may last for 1-2 weeks but tend to fade after a few days.  

Dr. DiFrancesco will inform you when you can return to work and your regular routine. 

While you may see some initial results (especially if you’re having BodyTite or ThermiTight) treatment), most results take a few months to appear as the skin builds up collagen and tightens. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Skin Tightening after Massive Weight Loss

Does skin tightening after weight loss hurt? 

Skin tightening after massive weight loss has minimal discomfort while most patients tolerate well due to the local anesthetic we apply before the procedure. You may feel some discomfort afterward, but we can prescribe pain medication to ensure you’re comfortable. 

How long do the results of skin-tightening treatment last? 

Individual results vary. How long the results last can depend on the type of skin-tightening treatment used, but typically, the results last for years. 

Will I need retreatment to maintain the skin-tightening results? 

Most patients come in for touch-up treatments as necessary as the results last for years. 

Is there anyone who should not receive skin-tightening treatment? 

Those who are pregnant, on certain medications, or who have certain medical conditions should not have skin tightening after massive weight loss. Dr. DiFrancesco can discuss your options during your consultation for patients who have excessively loose skin. 

Is there anything I should avoid after skin-tightening treatment? 

After skin-tightening treatment, you’ll want to avoid strenuous activity and exercise. You’ll also want to avoid smoking, excess alcohol intake, and unprotected sun exposure to the treated area. 

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