Hand Rejuvenation

When it comes to anti-aging treatments, the hands aren’t often the first place patients think of. Despite the best facial rejuvenation results, however, your hands can still give away your age. That’s because the hands can still be subject to a loss of volume that results in wrinkles, loose skin, and ropiness. For youthful, rejuvenated hands, Dr. DiFrancesco can recommend your best options.

What is Hand Rejuvenation?

Over time, the hands become just as subject to aging as the face and neck. This is usually the result of a loss of volume and, in some cases, neglect when it comes to skincare. Hand rejuvenation seeks to rejuvenate the hands in a few different ways using non-surgical treatments to address different aspects like skin texture and tone, thinness, and prominent tendons and veins. This means our hand rejuvenation experts will create the ideal treatment package for you during a consultation.

Candidates for Hand Rejuvenation

Patients who benefit most from hand rejuvenation are those looking to improve the appearance of their hands without surgery. Often, these patients have hands that show signs of aging while the rest of their features do not. Overall, it’s important to be in good health. Dr. DiFrancesco will discuss the candidacy of each unique procedure with you during your consultation.


Kind words from our patients

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Hand Rejuvenation Procedure

There are many different treatments that can be used to improve the appearance of the hands.


Radiesse® is a specialized, calcium-based dermal filler that can effectively restore volume to the backs of the hands for 9-12 months after one or two sessions.

Renuva® Fat Transfer

Although fat transfer can be an ideal way to achieve long-term results, it may not be the best option for each patient since it requires a small liposuction procedure. Instead, Renuva® fat transfer can be used to restore permanent volume to the hands, as well as address small contour deformities. Created with donated, purified adipose matrix, it can simply be injected into the hands to create volume without downtime.

Smartxide DOT® CO2 Laser

For skin concerns like age spots, discoloration, laxity, and wrinkles, the Smartxide DOT® CO2 Laser can use effective micro-ablation to jumpstart your skin’s natural regeneration processes. After treatment, the skin begins to contract and heal, generating new collagen and improving the appearance of surface concerns.

Hand Rejuvenation Results and Maintenance

Whether you’ll require touch-up appointments will depend on your unique treatment plan. Hand rejuvenation rarely requires substantial downtime, but Dr. DiFrancesco will ensure you know what care steps to follow. We can also recommend an ideal skincare regimen to maintain your results using our selection of physician-grade products. In general, our patients enjoy rejuvenated, youthful hands for the long term.

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Hand rejuvenation can be an easy way to enjoy your favorite accessories again and feel like your hands match your age. To get started, contact our Atlanta office by calling or filling out our online form to meet with Dr. DiFrancesco and discuss your options.