Taking care of your skin is an important part of maintaining healthy, youthful skin. Using proper skincare products and methods can help your body produce natural collagen and hyaluronic acid more regularly as your skin ages. These two substances are the building structures for skin. They help your skin to retain moisture, structure, and volume. Dr. DiFrancesco offers many medical-grade products to help improve your skin tone, texture, and overall appearance.

Sun Exposure and Your Skin

The sun emits rays that can penetrate the skin’s outer layer and cause damage. The two types of rays that are emitted by the sun are UVA and UVB. The UVA rays play a major role in skin aging while UVB rays cause redness and sunburn. Your skin can develop pigmentation problems and sunspots from too much time in the sun. Also, the sun rays can cause skin cancer. By protecting your skin with skincare products, you can weaken the chances of getting sun damage and skin cancer.

Skin Care Products

Environ Skin Care

Environ is a world-renowned professional skincare brand. This brand is known for the introduction of vitamin A into skincare formulations. Vitamin A is the cornerstone ingredient in their skincare products. Environ skincare products can help with skin pigmentation, sun-damaged skin, aging skin, breakouts, dry skin, and more. Dr. DiFrancesco will recommend the best products to help address your specific skin conditions.

Neova Smart Skincare

This skincare brand is dedicated to skin conditions caused by photodamage and photoaging. This skin company has focused attention on preserving healthy skin cells. They use intense antioxidants and DNA repair sunscreens to help eliminate damage before it is permanent. Dr. DiFrancesco will make recommendations to you based on your specific skin concerns.

Schedule a Consultation

To start protecting your skin and maintaining the healthy cells, meet with Dr. DiFrancesco for a consultation. She will examine your skin and concerns to help recommend the best skincare products for you. To make a consultation contact our Atlanta office by calling or filling out an online form.