Cheek Lift

Lifted, sculpted cheeks are often a result of youthful contours and facial rejuvenation. Unfortunately, the cheeks can be one of the first places to experience sagging and a lost volume as time goes on. As this midfacial aging occurs, shifting contours can flatten and cause an aged appearance and laugh lines. Although fillers can be an effective option, some patients can benefit from a cheek lift surgery with Dr. DiFrancesco.


A cheek lift surgery, sometimes called the midface lift, addresses the cheeks and surrounding area. Sometimes, traditional facial plastic surgery procedures do not address this lost cheek volume, meaning it can be beneficial when paired with other facial rejuvenation options like a facelift or eyelid surgery. When paired with a cheek lift, full facial rejuvenation surgery provides overall facial harmony and a youthful appearance. When performed on its own, it is a less invasive procedure that offers the benefits of a rejuvenated cheek profile and lesser downtime than other surgical options.


The cheek lift is best for patients with beginning signs of the aging process (excess skin, flatness, loss of volume) in the cheeks and midface. Most patients opting for a cheek lift have tried dermal filler and other less invasive procedures but did achieve their ideal long-term results. It’s important that you be in good health and able to undergo surgical procedures, so a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, like Dr. DiFrancesco, will go over your health history during a consultation. She can also recommend additional surgical techniques to enhance your results.


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Cheek Lift Procedure

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Dr. DiFrancesco will perform the appropriate small incisions and reposition the fat pads over the cheekbone for a refreshed appearance. Additionally, a neck lift, facelift, eyelid lift, or mid-face lift surgery can be performed within the same surgical session. Once the ideal changes are made, the incisions will be closed. After a brief monitoring period, you can return home.

Cheek Lift Recovery

The cheek lift comes with less downtime than a traditional facelift. You can expect to take a few days away from work or social engagements, and you should avoid heavy activity for the first six weeks. You’ll likely experience some swelling and discomfort, but this can be easily managed with prescribed medications. To avoid further swelling, it’s important to sleep with your head elevated. If you opt for additional procedures at the same time as your cheek lift, Dr. DiFrancesco will ensure you have the appropriate aftercare steps to follow.

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The cheek lift can be an excellent way to restore the profile and sculpt the midface with long-term results. To get started on discussing your options, contact our Atlanta office to schedule a consultation with Dr. DiFrancesco. We invite you to call or fill out our online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I build up my cheeks?

The most common way to build up your cheek bones with a natural look is to use filler. Fillers last on average 2 years.

What does cheek augmentation do?

Cheek augmentation adds volume to your mid face creating a more balanced and youthful look

Where are cheek implants placed?

Cheek implants are placed on top of the bone.