Advanced Facial Rejuvenation

Despite our best efforts with skincare and treatments, aging still eventually sets in. It’s common to feel like your face doesn’t represent who you are or how young you feel, and many patients realize they can benefit from facial rejuvenation with professional techniques. Dr. DiFrancesco offers a wide selection of surgical and non-surgical options so you can achieve your aesthetic goals with the treatment plan that fits you best.

What is Facial Rejuvenation?

Facial rejuvenation aims to reverse signs of aging by restoring volume and tightening skin. In some cases, surgical lift procedures can reduce sagging skin and rejuvenate the underlying tissues. In other cases, non-surgical options can restore volume and generate new collagen without downtime. Facial rejuvenation can be performed as a package of treatments or as a single surgery to avoid multiple recoveries or periods away from work and social engagements.

Candidates for Facial Rejuvenation

Patients who can benefit most from facial rejuvenation are those who are seeing the beginning signs of aging in areas like the midface, neck, and eyes. It’s important to be in good overall health, and Dr. DiFrancesco will discuss your candidacy for each unique treatment during a consultation.


Kind words from our patients

I had an excellent experience with Dr. DiFrancesco. She is a highly qualified and skilled plastic surgeon. Her staff is very professional and pleasant to work with. The work I received was exceptional and I couldn’t be more excited!

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Facial Rejuvenation Combinations

Facial rejuvenation can be effective using both surgical and non-surgical options. Based on your preferences, we can create the ideal treatment package using some particularly effective rejuvenation options.

Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

The facelift has always been the gold standard for facial rejuvenation, and for good reason. However, some other options that can be performed at the same time include the neck lift and eyelid surgery, which can address areas that the facelift doesn’t often touch. This combination can produce transformative results and requires a single recovery period, meaning you can return to your regular schedule afterwards looking as much as ten years younger.

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

There are more non-surgical treatment options than ever, but one that stands out is extremely popular for its effective technique. RF Microneedling offers the benefits of microneedling (collagen stimulation) with radiofrequency energy to tighten and shrink lax skin. Neuromodulators like Botox® can help relax furrows and deep folds, while dermal fillers like Juvéderm® can restore volume in the midface. Although each option requires re-treatment for best results, you can return to your normal schedule immediately.

Facial Rejuvenation Recovery

Many patients opt for a single facial rejuvenation combination package because one period of recovery is preferable to taking multiple periods away from work and social life. Other prefer the subtle, rejuvenating results that come with non-surgical treatments. Dr. DiFrancesco can discuss your preferences and ensure you know what to expect from your unique treatment package.

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