Buttock Enhancement

For many people, the buttocks contribute to a full, flattering figure. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to achieve the profile you’d like with just squats. That’s because the buttocks can be affected by factors like weight loss or genetics. Buttock enhancement, whether surgical or non-surgical, is one great way to achieve your goals and feel like your backside leaves a great impression, too.

What is Buttock Enhancement?

Buttock enhancement uses different surgical and non-surgical treatment options to improve different aspects of the buttocks, like size, shape, and appearance. Many patients pursue buttock enhancement because they feel like their figure would be improved with a larger and more prominent butt. Although exercise can improve the buttocks, many patients hope to address other aspects that can’t be addressed through exercise. In many cases, buttock enhancement is beneficial as a combination of procedures because it requires only one recovery period where you will need to avoid sitting directly on your butt.

Candidates for Buttock Enhancement

Patients who benefit most from buttock enhancement are those who are at or near their ideal weight and are looking for ways to improve their butt. It’s important to be in good overall health and not prone to weight fluctuations, which can affect your results. Dr. DiFrancesco will discuss the specific candidacy for each technique during your consultation.


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Buttock Enhancement Combinations

Butt augmentation and enhancement can be achieved with combinations of surgical and non-surgical options. One option may be better for you than the other, and you may even benefit from a combination of both types.

Surgical Buttock Enhancement

The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most popular options available for buttock augmentation. This requires a liposuction procedure to collect fat from another fatty area before it’s injected into the buttocks to produce volume. Many patients prefer this option because liposuction can help contour the surrounding areas, creating the appearance of more projection and volume. It also comes with long-term results since your own fatty tissue is used.

Non-Surgical Buttock Enhancement

Butt enhancement can also be achieved through non-surgical options like Sculptra®, which is an injectable option designed to add volume and stimulate collagen production at the same time. Although not as permanent as the Brazilian butt lift, the Sculptra butt lift can produce results for up to a few years.

Buttock Enhancement Recovery

Your recovery period will depend on which options you choose, but Dr. DiFrancesco will ensure you understand your specific instructions. As a general rule, buttock enhancement requires that you avoid sitting for long periods, meaning it can be beneficial to undergo a combination procedure at one time.

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