Gender Affirming Surgery: Male

Making the decision to have gender-affirming surgery can be very emotional. Our transgender patients can feel comfortable knowing that our team is ready to help them on their journey to feeling like their true selves. When you are ready to take this step, contact our Atlanta office. 

What is Gender Affirming Surgery?

Every transgender patient chooses whether they want to undergo gender-affirming surgery. While there is more extensive gender-affirming procedures, most patients opt to undergo top surgery.  Top surgery helps your outward appearance to match your gender identity. Top surgery for transgender males involves surgically removing breast tissue to achieve traditional masculine chest contours.

Candidates for Gender Affirming Surgery

Male top surgery is a great option if you are looking to feel comfortable with your outward appearance. In many cases, this helps transgender patients to be more confident. It is important that your breasts be done developing and that you are at a healthy weight prior to the surgery. You should feel comfortable talking about your transition process and surgical goals with Dr. DiFrancesco. Dr. DiFrancesco can answer any questions you have about preparing for the procedure and your candidacy.


Kind words from our patients

I had an excellent experience with Dr. DiFrancesco. She is a highly qualified and skilled plastic surgeon. Her staff is very professional and pleasant to work with. The work I received was exceptional and I couldn’t be more excited!

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Gender Affirming Procedure

The female to male top surgery is similar to a double mastectomy. Dr. DiFrancesco will remove the breasts to achieve masculine contours that are desired by her patients. There are two main techniques that can be used for this surgery. The technique will change based on the size and shape of the breasts, the elasticity of the skin, and the patient’s preference.

Peri-Areolar Technique

This type of technique is often referred to as “keyhole surgery.” The incision for peri-areolar top surgery will be made around the outer edge of the areola. The incisions in this technique are very small and hidden. The breast tissue is removed through the incision around the areola, then liposuction is used to contour the chest to the new shape. This is a good option for trans men who have small breasts with little droop.

Double Incision Technique

This technique involves incisions that are made under the breasts and in the crease of the pectoralis muscles. Through these incisions, a larger amount of tissue and skin can be removed. Liposuction will be used to contour the chest. This is a good option for patients with large breasts, severe sagging, or poor skin elasticity.

Gender Affirming Recovery

The recovery period for male top surgery requires a lot of rest. This is because your skin needs time to heal and adjust to the new contours. During your recovery period, it is important to wear compression garments that aid in blood flow, maintain swelling, and help your skin to adhere to the new shape. You should avoid sleeping on your stomach and putting pressure on your chest. You will be prescribed medications to manage any pain or discomfort. Activity will be limited for the first month post-op so that your chest can settle into its new shape.

Schedule a Consultation

Gender affirming surgery is a big step in coming into who you are. If you are ready to take this step in your transition journey then contact board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. DiFrancesco. You can make a consultation with her at our Atlanta office by calling or filling out our online form. Dr. DiFrancesco can recommend the best top surgery option for you and go over the recovery period.