Plastic Surgery In Alpharetta

Among many male-dominated fields in medicine, plastic surgery is no exception. Although there are many highly qualified experts practicing across the nation, few are women who have a more innate understanding of the issues women might encounter throughout their lives that plastic surgery can help address.

This is what makes DiFrancesco Plastic Surgery valuable to patients throughout the Atlanta area: that led by double board-certified female plastic surgeon in Atlanta, Dr. Lisa DiFrancesco, you’ll have an experience that few others who seek out plastic surgery will ever have.

Breast Surgeries

Hardly a well-kept secret, breast augmentation and other breast enhancement or reconstructive surgeries are the most popular elective surgeries performed each year in the US. As such, we’re pleased to provide a female surgeon’s perspective on these procedures that can greatly enhance a person’s self-confidence and enjoyment of their figure:

Body Contouring Surgery

Full confidence in your body can often be hindered by stubborn fat, genetic predispositions, or physical changes you couldn’t avoid, such as due to pregnancy or extreme weight loss. When you’ve got an ideal figure in your head that seems like it should be attainable but just isn’t coming to you through traditional means, it could be time to consider body contouring surgery. Dr. DiFrancesco offers procedures from the non-invasive to completely rejuvenating for all your body contouring needs:

Facial Plastic Surgery

When you want to put your best face forward, the aging process is actively working against you. From addressing minor skin laxity that might reveal your age to significant rejuvenation, Dr. DiFrancesco can help you achieve the facial contours that help you feel more like how you feel inside: energized, alert, and youthful. Our customizable facial surgical procedures include:

Plastic Surgery for Men

The male figure and face and their ideal forms are fundamentally unique. Because of this, Dr. DiFrancesco provides specific techniques and procedures to address the common issues and desires men have about their bodies or complexions. Most often, men come to us with a few specific requests for surgery, including:

Gender Affirming Surgery

Gender dysphoria affects thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and is a significant cause for mental anguish. Dr. DiFrancesco is proud to provide gender-affirming surgical care to those seeking a more accurate physical representation of who they know themselves to be on the inside.

About Alpharetta, GA

Part of northern Fulton County, Alpharetta is a northern suburb of Atlanta that is growing rapidly in the 21st century and now homes over 65,000 residents. It is also home to many small and medium-sized business, as well as offices for major corporations, such as Verizon, Equifax, ADP, and General Electric. Alpharetta contains many historical markers and recreations symbolizing life in centuries past as well as contemporary art, music, and community events that bring people from across the greater Atlanta area together. Alpharetta is home to the North Point Mall, Ameris Bank Amphitheatre, and Jekyll Brewing.