Thigh Lift

After massive weight loss, aging, sagging or loose skin can drape over the knee, creating an uneven contour with bulges of fat from weight loss. If you are experiencing these problems, then a thigh lift surgery at DiFrancesco Plastic Surgery might be right for you.

A thigh lift is designed to improve and smooth the contour and tone of the inner and outer thigh. Dr. DiFrancesco will reshape the excess skin and fat of the thighs with an incision in the groin that can extend downward toward the knees along the thinner position of the thigh, reducing excess skin and resulting in improved contours of the lower body.

Thigh Lift FAQ

What’s the proper term for this type of surgery? Is it “thigh lift” and “arm lift?” Is an arm lift technically called brachioplasty?Yes. Thigh lift and Arm lift or Brachioplasty
Who is a good candidate for a thigh lift and/or arm lift?Patients whose skin has lost elasticity due to weight loss or age? What about patients who are of normal body weight and have the “bat wings” or too flabby thighs due to the effects of gravity and skin structural deterioration over time? There are 2 types of candidates, the massive weight loss patient and the patient who has a little bit of loose skin “bat wings” or at the inner thigh. This is from aging with loss of skin elasticity and gravity. The second type of patient can often be done with a “ limited incision” approach resulting in much less visible scarring. The massive weight loss patient is often having multiple procedures to address loose skin in several different areas.
What causes the dreaded “bat wing” look of arms?Is this correct: There is redundant upper arm tissue that can be flabby and overstretched over time from age or weight loss. Yes see above
Do arm lifts and thigh lifts remove excess skin only or tighten or reposition muscles?Arm lifts and thigh lifts tighten the skin and underlying fascia to support the skin. They do not tighten or suture the muscle as in an abdominoplasty.
Can thighs be lifted?Absolutely. Weight loss, aging, bulges of fat and lax skin can leave thighs looking lumpy and saggy. A thigh lift improves and smooths the contours of the inner and outer thighs.
How much down time is there after these procedures?It varies with the procedure, but most people are back to normal activities in from one to six weeks.
Are the results of both thigh and arm lifts a tighter and more toned appearance?Yes
Are these procedures performed in the hospital?The procedures may be performed in a surgery center under general anesthesia. Drainage tubes remain in for 1 week. Return to everyday activity in 2 – 3 weeks and return to full activity/exercise in 6 weeks. The greater the amount of skin to remove- generally the larger the scar.

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