We love when we have happy patients, especially happy patients that write about us! Happily Hughes explains her Breast Implant journey with her audience and gushes about Dr. DiFrancesco in her most recent post!

Happily Hughes Writes:

For those of you who follow on Instastories, you know I got breast implants about 6 weeks ago.  I’ve had a lot of questions and emails about how it went, did it hurt? etc…  So I’m going to answer questions and tell you all about the process.

Breast Implant Recovery

The most important thing is finding a doctor you’re comfortable with!  I went to four different doctors.  Three of them were men and pushed me to go big or go home.  Or get a lift, which I’m not ready to do yet.  I’m not 100% sure I’m done having kids!  The fourth doctor I visited was recommended to me by a friend whose opinion I trust 100%.  The doctor’s name is Dr. Difrancesco and I knew right away she’d be my doctor.

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